Мюзикл "ШАХМАТЫ "
В центре сюжета мюзикла «Шахматы», ставшего настоящей достопримечательностью столицы, — захватывающая история соперничества российского и американского гроссмейстеров на фоне противостояния двух сверхдержав — СССР и США. Большая игра — и две женщины, которые неожиданно меняют весь ее ход. На кону не только личные и государственные интересы, но и, возможно, чья-то жизнь.
от 286.2$
Are you in Moscow on business, but want to get to know the capital better? Perhaps also to go to St. Petersburg for a day? Then this three-day tour is for you - its program is specially designed for those who plan to combine leisure with a business trip, see the main attractions of the two cities and get the most out of it.
City break: Moscow – St. Petersburg
от 1 806.95$
Discover the two capitals - take a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg, visit world-famous museums, trendy places and popular restaurants.
Weekends in two capitals
от 301.81$
It is no coincidence that the tour program is designed for the weekend - it makes it possible to combine a business trip with a vacation and is perfect for those who are getting to know Moscow and St. Petersburg for the first time.
Transformation is the best vacation with children
от 650.45$
Spend your family holidays brightly, intensely, actively - go on an exciting journey through two Russian capitals. The program is specially designed for those who are tired of the standard tourist routes.
Gastronomic tour "Taste of two capitals"
от 660.86$
Embark on a gastronomic tour of the two capitals, in which you will "taste" Moscow and "taste" St. Petersburg.
Fashion capitals: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
от 906.73$
This trip through two Russian capitals is designed for those who love walking around fascinating places and top Instagram locations and love fashion shopping.
Moscow - St. Petersburg: a million romantic impressions
Embark on a romantic journey through Moscow and St. Petersburg and experience many vivid emotions with your loved one. A ride on the Moscow cable car, a hot air balloon or helicopter flight, a cooking master class, jazz under drawbridges on a ship and a date in space… What else can you dream of when it seems that the whole world is just for you two!
от 751.22$
Moscow - St. Petersburg: gastronomic holidays
Plunge into the world of gastronomic pleasures of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The cuisine of the two capitals is striking in its diversity. Attracts tourists from all over the world. It leaves the most vivid impressions and the desire to return to taste incredible dishes again.
от 752.88$
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